Traci Brynne Voyles on the Salton Sea

This spring we will offer a series of posts on the topic of Environmental Justice and Environmental Health. The series is organized in conjunction with a set of talks at the University of Oklahoma, presented by the OU Health Sciences Center Environmental and Sustainable Health Interest Group, and the OU College of Arts and Sciences Environmental Studies Program, Public and Community Health Program, and the Center for Social Justice. We will post videos of the talks, along with posts related to them.

Our first set began last week, with Traci Brynne Voyles’ discussion of her work on the Salton Sea in California. Her post gave some background for her talk, given last Friday, which we present today. Next week Robert Bailey will comment on an article from which her talk was drawn. We hope you enjoy this chance to engage with Voyles’ ideas in-depth.


One thought on “Traci Brynne Voyles on the Salton Sea

  1. Since you seem to think you have a pretty good understanding of the history of the Salton Sea and the issues affecting it now,perhaps you’ve met Mr. Kelley,a Imperial Valley native and a expert on the history of the Salton Sea and the current challenges Imperial Valley residents face in the ensuing future.

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