Our Alumni

Antonio Castro photo
ANTONIO J. CASTRO is broadly interested in conservation biology, particularly in the links between the conservation of nature and the maintenance of human wellbeing. His research focuses on the characterization of social-ecological systems, and the multidimensional evaluation of ecosystem services. He is particularly interested in exploring trade-offs between the biophysical supply and the social demand of ecosystem services, and providing information needed for decision-making.

Kiza Gates photo
KIZA GATES is an ecologist and Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Oklahoma Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma. Her research explores how aquatic organisms respond to human induced stressors and how this response influences ecosystem function.

Katie Marshall photo
KATIE MARSHALL an Assistant Professor in OU’s Department of Biology Geographical Ecology cluster and is interested in the relative roles of means and extremes in shaping species poleward range boundaries and physiological adaptation to cold.

Noah Theriault
NOAH THERIAULT s a sociocultural anthropologist and an Assistant Professor in OU’s Department of International & Area Studies, where he teaches courses on political ecology, environmental (in)justice, and Southeast Asia.  His current research explores the cultural politics of environmental regulation and indigeneity in the Philippines.  More info here: http://ntheriault.wordpress.com/.