Social Media in the Anthropocene

We at Inhabiting the Anthropocene are delighted to be taking part in the Social Media in the Anthropocene project. From mid-February through mid-April we will do a series of posts that will be the basis of a submission for a special issue of the journal Resilience. You can learn more about the project at its website, which will aggregate posts by all the groups working on submissions [project website has been removed].

Our submission will be very much in the spirit of this blog. Here is our project description:

Habitation in the Anthropocene

The “Habitation in the Anthropocene” project will use blogging to articulate a conception of habitation and habitability that is responsive to the conceptual and moral imperatives of the Anthropocene. Through hyperlinked posts by authors from a range of disciplines it will argue that habitation essentially involves the transformation of the environment—in effect that habitat must be seen as the product, not simply as the condition, of habitation. But posts will also consider the challenge to human habitation posed by the Anthropocene, and the need for human societies to engage in modes of habitation that preserve Earth’s capacity to support ways of life that meet endorsable standards of human habitability. The project will exploit the potential of the digital medium to go beyond the linear form of traditional scholarly articles by instantiating an argument constituted by a network of ideas contributed by multiple disciplinary voices.

Over the next eight weeks we will offer two rounds of posts that will be the raw material of our submission. In the first round we will each do a post which, informed by a reading from our own discipline, encapsulates an idea of habitation. In the second round we will each do a post which uses those ideas about habitation to reflect on the Anthropocene. (Posts will be collected here.) We will then revise our posts–and, in keeping with the blog form, we are eager for comments to help enrich our thinking.

Our final product (due May 1) will assemble our revised posts into a network, which will mark points in an interdisciplinary conceptual space about our topic. We hope that by traversing this network readers will gain an orientation within this space, and that their exploration helps them construct an understanding of habitation in the Anthropocene that is responsive to its multiple intellectual dimensions.


One thought on “Social Media in the Anthropocene

  1. Zev et al., Thank you all so much for providing this venue, exactly the type of thing advocated by Naomi Klein in her latest book, ‘This changes everything’. I’m an evolutionary biologist who has been teaching/reading about the global environmental crisis over the past 20+ years at OU. But it’s only within the past couple months that I’ve felt a tangible, growing convergence of grass-root energy to confront the power that we US citizens have so readily ceded to the top echelons of society (e.g. our elected representatives, multinational corporations, those making free trade agreements). As long as we remain convinced that our lifestyle requires the fossil fuels that brought us into modernity in the first place, few will act to challenge our current, top-down power structure. This venue provides a way for local communities to connect the interdisciplinary dots, the first requisite in solving the environmental crises of the anthropocene. You can be sure I’ll send my students to this site. Bravo!

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