This site contains two sorts of posts:

“Reflections,” which are open-ended explorations by our authors, similar to posts in other blogs, and “Reading posts,” which present scholarly articles relevant to our topic. A main goal of this site is to provide a kind of “guided tour” of scholarly literature relevant to the broad theme of the Anthropocene, and to the idea of habitability. Site authors post on articles which have influenced their thinking; each post provides citation information, links to on-line copies (if available), a discussion of the article, and suggestions for further reading.

The Home page shows both Reflections and Reading posts, latest to earliest. To see just the Reflections, click on the “What we’re thinking” item on the top menu. To see just the Reading posts, click on the “What we’re reading” menu item.

There are two other ways to get to Reading posts. If you hover over “What we’re reading” you’ll see two sub-headings. One is for our Bibliography: an alphabetical-by-author listing of the works covered in the Reading posts; each entry has a link to the respective post. The other is for a listing of the academic subjects represented in the set of readings–hover over “Disciplines covered” to see the list, and click a subject to see the posts for that field. This organization is loose (some posts appear under more than one heading), and the list will grow as needed. (A link to the Bibliography and a drop-down menu of disciplines covered also appear in the sidebar on the right–or at the bottom for mobile devices.)

You can also find both Reflections and Reading posts by using either the search box or the tag cloud in the sidebar (to the right, or at the bottom). The tag cloud is, in effect, an index for the site: click on a term to see posts that deal with that topic (the larger the tag, the more posts that deal with it). And you can find all the posts by any of the site authors by going to the “Who we are” page, and clicking on his or her name.

From time to time we organize special blogging projects–series of posts organized around a common theme. Particular projects are listed under the “Special Projects” heading in the top menu; project descriptions and collected posts can be viewed via sub-menus. In addition, you can select all the posts for a special project using the drop-down menu mid-way down the sidebar on the right of the screen (at the bottom, for mobile devices).

We enthusiastically welcome comments on all posts. Recent comments have links in the sidebar/at the bottom of the screen. To see comments on a post you are reading, scroll down to the bottom of the page; if the comment area doesn’t appear look for the link in the list of tags at the very bottom of the post. To make a comment click that same link–or scroll down to get to the comment box. For Reading posts, if you know the work we particularly encourage both your own response to it, as well as additional suggestions for further reading. (Please explain briefly the connection you see between the work covered in the post, and the work you suggest.)

As explained on our Copyright and licensing page we offer our work under a CCA BY-NC-SA license. Please feel free to make use of our work under those terms. If you would like to contact the site administrator directly, please use the form on the About our blog page. Finally, we invite you to follow our blog–directly, via RSS feeds, or on Twitter (posts will be tweeted via @InhabAnthrocene). There are are follow buttons in the sidebar/at the bottom.

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