Video of “Coupled Urban Metabolism” panel discussion

On April 19, 2018, Stephanie Pincetl, of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA, presented her ideas on coupled urban metabolism at a panel discussion on the OU campus. The event was the culmination of a series of posts on the blog about papers Dr. Pincetl had suggested to us as “inputs” to the urban metabolism concept. The panel included Bryce Lowery, of the OU Department of Regional and City Planning, Katy Marshall, of the OU Department of Biology, and Peter Soppelsa of the OU Department of the History of Science, each of whom contributed posts to the series. We thank the Gibbs College of Architecture, the OU Department of Geology, the Oklahoma Biological Survey, the OU Department of Biology, and OU’s Headington College for supporting Dr. Pincetl’s visit to OU, and making this video possible.


Video of “Cities and Our Future” panel discussion

Earlier this spring, Cindy Simon Rosenthal offered a series of three posts on the topic of “Cities and Our Future: Governance in the Anthropocene.” On March 6, 2018 (rescheduled due to an ice storm), she presented her ideas
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Green Cities, Red States

This is the second in Dr. Rosenthal’s three-part series on “Cities and Our Future: Governance in the Anthropocene.” Click for the first post.

Cities have variously been characterized as “limited” (Peterson 1981), “dependent” (Kantor 1995), and “ungovernable” (Ferman 1985.) Urban scholar Paul Peterson in his seminal work, City Limits, concluded that cities are seriously limited by Continue reading