Panel Discussion with Erle Ellis

ELLIS_April14(1)On Thursday, Apr. 14 we concluded the Anthropocene Biosphere Project with a visit to OU by Erle Ellis, whose paper “Ecology in an Anthropogenic Biosphere” we have been discussing here since the end of January. Ellis met with a number of the bloggers during the day, and in the evening gave a public lecture, followed by comments from Lynn Soreghan, Steve Ellis, Asa Randall, and Kiza Gates (click for their posts on the paper). We then opened the floor to the audience. (Thanks to the OU Humanities Forum and the other sponsors (listed on the poster) for their support of this event!)

Sadly, due to technical difficulties we were not able to stream the event, and take questions from Internet-land. (We will post the video soon.) But people in the room did use Twitter to generate a running commentary on the discussion. Below you will see a selection of tweets from OU students who won prizes for their contributions to the backchannel. Next week we will post prize-winning essays by OU students on what they learned from the Anthropocene Biosphere Project.

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