Habitation in the Anthropocene: An Interdisciplinary Interaction

HabAnth screen shot

I’m delighted to announce  a new website, Habitation in the Anthropocene: An Interdisciplinary Interaction. Please click the screenshot of the homepage to visit.

This site is version 1.0 of our contribution to  the Social Media in the Anthropocene project. Our participation involved a series of 16 posts which ran earlier this year; the new site brings those together, and visualizes relationships among them by means of a set of network graphs. The relationships represented have to do with the intellectual approaches taken in the posts, the themes they address, and outlooks they take on those themes. The graphs are annotated to help readers navigate among the posts: readers can choose sequences of posts based on interpretive guidance about how posts engage with each other.

In the spirit of the project that inspired it, the site is grounded in the blog form. But we hope that it is more than a collection of discrete entries. More, we hope, the site conveys the interdisciplinary interaction it is widely acknowledged is essential for understanding and responding to the Anthropocene.

We are eager to hear what you think about the site–in particular, about whether you think  the form we have developed presents it as a coherent whole. The site itself does not have a comment feature–but there is now a dedicated page on this blog (under the Social Media in the Anthropocene tab in the top menu) where you can leave comments. There is a link to that page on the site–click the Comments tab on the top menu.

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