Each Reading post provides:

  • citation information for the article it covers
  • a link to an on-line version (if available)
  • an abstract, taken from the article
  • a discussion of how the article informs the post’s author’s understanding of the Anthropocene, and/or habitability
  • a suggestion for further reading related to the article

[This is the “PBPL”–public but pre-launch–version of this site. We will be adding content over the next several weeks–check Mondays and Thursdays for new posts. In the meantime, some sub-headings under the Readings tab may be empty. (6/30/14)]

The purpose of this blog is to explore how human beings can live in the human era–the Anthropocene. The authors are an interdisciplinary group of faculty at the University of Oklahoma who have met to discuss this question, guided by readings from their own and other fields. For more on our goals please see our Prospectus.

You will find two sorts of posts here; click the link at the top of the sidebar to see the latest one. “General posts” are statements of the authors’ views on our broad question, on topical issues, or on discussions on the web. “Reading posts” present scholarly articles or books: see the Readings covered page for a full list; they are also (loosely) organized by academic discipline.

Click the menu items above, or use the navigation tools in the sidebar, to read our contributions. (See the Users’ guide for fuller instructions.) We hope you find what we have to say interesting and helpful—and we look forward to your comments.


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