Why “habitability?”

Welcome to the “public” launch of this site! We (see “Who we are“: click or use the menu above) have been posting since late June, and after some tweaks to the site are now ready to present what we are doing. I have re-posted the first entry, which lays out one of the main themes we want to explore; there are already 20 entries that examine it and/or other ideas. We hope you will explore what we have written so far (see the Users’ guide for an explanation of the types of posts we do, and how to find them). We plan to post every Monday morning–please come back, or follow us (buttons in the sidebar on the right or below if you are on a mobile device). Most of all, we invite your comments–we are eager to learn from the conversation!

Inhabiting the Anthropocene

Environmentalism has plenty of buzzwords already–sustainability and resiliency come right to mind. Does it make sense to propose another? In a sense that is what we are doing by making habitability the focus of this blog. In this initial post I’d like to try to suggest why that theme is worth exploring—with the acknowledgment from the outset that its content is not well developed.

In a very obvious way discussions of the Anthropocene immediately raise the question of

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